Getting Started

We offer all styles of partnership dancing. American Style Ballroom, Salsa, Country, Niteclub Two Step, and West Coast Swing.

We offer a full range of group classes for beginner through advanced dancers.

We pride ourselves on providing  a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere in a low pressure learning environment.

We are dedicated to making learning to dance fun and easy for any type of learner. It is important to us that you have fun as you begin what may become a life long hobby or passion.

Many people desire to learn to dance but aren’t sure what dance to learn first. Consider what type of music you like and where you see yourself out dancing.

The FAQ page will also help guide you and answer many of your questions.

Class Level Description

Beginning classes are Intro classes for brand new people, for those wanting to learn the others part, or for those wanting to brush up.
Beyond Basic classes are for those who already have the foundation and are looking to build on their basics.
Intermediate classes are for those who have been studying a particular dance for some time and know the syllabus well.

Attention Intermediate Dancers: Don’t let classes below your level be beneath you to take. 
It is in these moments we find grace, great foot work, and hear things I have said a million times.
Also it helps others to learn faster 🙂 

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