Nightclub Two Step

This is the dance to do when a slow song is played and it’s probably one of the easiest dances you’ll ever learn! It is a romantic dance, consisting of triple-steps set to popular music. It enables couples to glide over the dance floor with simplicity and grace. Often wedding couples choose it for their first dance because it is so easy and beautiful and it goes well to the love songs of today.

Smooth Version

Smooth Nightclub Two Step is also a triple rhythm dance. It is still counted 1 a 2 – 3 a 4 however we start by pushing off the sending foot to the side and gathering the feet on the “a” and then crossing on the up beat. This puts our side steps on the down beats instead of the upbeats. This version comes from Michael Kiehm. The smooth version is more elegant and graceful and moves about the floor with larger steps. I have been teaching much of Michaels patterns since 2006 so it made working with him a breeze. I only wish we had danced it to the music and danced through all the tricks so you could really experience how amazing this choreography is. He¬†choreographed this material to the song “I Can Only Imagine”. I have never experienced such talent in working with another pro that can choreograph so quickly ¬†yet hold such integrity of the dance.

Rhythmic Version

Buddy and April

Buddy Schwimmer & April Morrow

Rhythmic Nightclub Two Step is a triple rhythm dance. It is counted 1 a 2 – 3 a 4. The dancer is rock stepping 1 a and side stepping on count 2 and then a repeat of count 3 a 4 on opposite foot. We do not count this dance quick quick slow like some teachers. To count it that way would be saying the dance is made up of single and double rhythms. The dancer is taking 3 steps in two beats of music therefore making it a triple rhythm dance. The rhythmic version comes from Buddy Schwimmer. When teaching the rhythmic version we rock on the down beats and side step on the up beats.




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