Pacific Lutheran University
School of Education & Kinesiology

J Term 2016


Tuesdays:      11:30 am – 1:45 pm    West Coast Swing
Thursdays:    11:30 am – 1:45 pm    Ballroom

Spring Semester 2016


9:55 am – 11:40 am    West Coast Swing/Salsa
11:50 am – 1:35  pm    Ballroom


Universal Unit System

You will be trained to dance using the UUS.
The UNIVERSAL UNIT SYSTEM is trademark of Skippy Blair.  It is a complete system of dance education. The foundation of the system is built on understanding music and its relationship to the dance, understanding how each part of the body works in relationship to other body components, understanding how the Center Point of Balance (CPB) works in each individual and how important the “connection” is between the partners. Rules of Movement are “discovered,” not decided – and each aspect of the dance is taught one unit at a time. One unit consist of two beats of music. The dancer will step either one, two, or three times in every unit. The annotation cards with dots and slashes represent the three rhythms in dance, single, double, and triple. We will go into this in full detail in class. Your final exam is a one page report based on the UUS. This needs to be handed in anytime during the semester but before you are graded. There is no practical or written test.

Class Expectations

Be here (If you are sick stay home or sit and watch please).
When a student asks a question please listen to the question and answer.
If I’m talking you’re not 🙂
Be prepared for your practical and written test.
Have fun!


Practical for ballroom class will include demonstrating your five basic foot positions, five basic steps, the patterns selected from the syllabus, dance positions used in each dance, and dancing these patterns to music.
Written test is based on the UUS.

Practical for West Coast Swing/Salsa class will include demonstrating foot positions used for each dance learned, the patterns selected from the syllabus, and dancing these patterns to music.
Written test is based on the UUS.

Dance Syllabus

West Coast Swing Syllabus
Triple Rhythm Break Drill
Left Side Pass
Right Side Pass
Push Break
Push Tuck
Basic Release Whip
Outside Turn Whip
Inside Turn Whip
Basket Whip
Throw Out Inside Roll
Salsa Syllabus
Chase Turns
Combo Turns
Cross Body Lead


Tango Syllabus
Tango Basic Step
Promenade with Follows Turn
Tango Rocks
Rock and Corte’
Leads Turn
Rumba Syllabus
Rumba Box
Follows UAT
Parallel Breaks
Cross Overs
Fifth Position Breaks
Cross body lead
Waltz Syllabus
Waltz Box
Progressive Box
Turning Box
Twinkle Follows Closing
Foxtrot Syllabus
Foxtrot Basic Step
Left Rock Step
Right Rock Step
Side Sways
Zig Zag



  • “April Morrow has a passion for dance, an eye for detail, and great care in teaching. I have danced for 8 years in different styles of jazz and contemporary and have had many instructors.  April was one of the best instructors I’ve had because of her commitment to style and detail. Her thoughtfully designed classes maximized our time in learning the moves and improved our skills quickly. She herself is not only an excellent dancer, but also a dedicated teacher that goes over the counting, explains the Universal Unit System, and critiqued our moves. April emphasizes technique and the love of dance.  She helped me to  developed an appreciation for West Coast Swing, and I am inspired to keep learning”. ~ Bethany Petek
  • “Thank you so much for another great semester! The West Coast Swing is now tied with the Nightclub Two-Step as my favorite dance. I cannot wait to teach my girlfriend and go to some of those events you talk about! I am definitely going to keep checking every semester to see if you’re teaching any more dance classes. Again, thank you so much”. ~ Noble Hauser
  • “As someone who has always had a desire to take dance classes, I must say that learning from April was exactly what I was looking for. She has a deep understanding of every dance we learned and could break everything down so that even the most rhythmically challenged students in the room could follow easily. If in the future I have time to pursue other styles of dance or even refine the basic techniques I now know, I would seek out April’s classes in an instant”! ~ Evan Shields
Ballroom Class Spring Semester 2013

Ballroom Class
Spring Semester 2013

  • “Thank you so much for teaching me how to dance, you are a great teacher and I love your passion! I had so much fun learning from you”! ~ Leslie Ducay                     
  • “Through her patience and amazing teaching talents, April can turn a classroom full of beginners into dancing wonders. She creates a fun and comfortable atmosphere for dancers of all levels. There is never a dull moment with her. I truly enjoyed learning and mastering something new in every class! Thanks April”! ~  Karen Han
  • “Thank you for teaching us this semester!  As a first-time dancer, it was a pleasure to learn under you”. ~ John Cornish
  • “I really enjoyed my dance classes with Professor Morrow. She taught us so much! It was a great opportunity to learn so many dances and now I can dance with all my friends. Thank you for giving us this chance”. ~ Stephanie  Noyes
  • “April’s teaching style is unparalleled. Her friendly demeanor, clear communication, and use of the universal unit system will allow you to quickly learn various dance styles”.  ~ Anthony Markuson



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