Over the past 25 years, or so, I have had a huge amount of private and group dance instruction in many places around the country. In my four year’s experience with her, I think that April is by far the best instructor I have had to date. She provides a firm foundation of the relationships between dance, rhythm, and musicality, she fluently breaks movements down into logical steps, and she patiently leads her students in non-threatening ways from the most basic through the most advanced levels. As a former teacher, I would also like to say that she has absolutely awesome class management skills. She teaches group classes of such high quality that they match most other instructors’ private lessons.– Bud Nye, R.N., M.S.
I have had the pleasure of knowing April for over twenty years and greatly enjoyed her passion for teaching dance. She is an excellent dance instructor in both Rhythm and Smooth dance, and whether it is for private instruction, group lessons, or event planning, she is a true professional. April coached me for over five years where we performed in showcases, private lessons, and instructor training. I think it was her passion that became contagious and led me to teach group classes, and eventually operate the Hayloft Dance Hall in Lynnwood WA. April has the ability to make sure whatever your goal is in dance to make it happen, and have fun while doing it.– Michael Ewing
Almost 5 years ago I found April’s studio and took her cha-cha workshop and loved the challenge she gave me. April has a sharp eye for knowing what one needs to change in order to learn more efficiently and takes the time to help students in a group lesson, which is something not all instructors do. She works hard to make the classes balanced with leads and follows and that is really appreciated. Aprils enthusiastic teaching, knowledge, and fun patterns, make for a wonderful time of learning dance. She introduced me to competing and showcases. She has much experience to share, through choreography, costumes, presentation, and easing my nerves. Thank you April!– Irene Eggerman
My husband and I have taken lessons from April for a four years now. We always learn something new and fun in her classes. I bought my husband private lessons for Christmas one year and it really helped him in his cha-cha. April has a vast knowledge of so many dance types that you can take most any dance you want from her. She is professional and yet fun to learn from. We can now get out on the dance floor and dance to most any type of music. Before April, we never danced together. Now we dance together all the time, and even though my husband dragged his feet in the beginning, he’s the one that wants to go dancing now. Thank you April!!!!– Shirley & Danny Campbell
I have taken several lesson from many different dance instructors all over the world and no one compares to April! Her ability to teach both the man and the woman’s part is amazing. She has a great ability to break down patterns in such easy learning terms. Her passion for teaching is obvious. She sure knows how to light up a room. Thank you April for all your patience and friendship.– Barb Brown
When my search for a fabulous dance instructor led me to April, I knew I had discovered a treasure! Besides being an extraordinary dancer, she is amazingly talented at teaching both the man and ladies parts. Her lessons are up to date with the latest trends in the world of dancing, and her classes always have an equal number of leads and follows. Did I mention that she is thorough and precise? She teaches you to look great and feel confident while dancing. I recommend her to many friends; in fact, I usually have some of her business cards with me!– Loree Peters
After taking lessons at Authur Murray for almost two years I found April, Thank God! April is twice as qualified and half the price. I have been taking private lessons and group classes with her for almost three years now and just love her style of teaching. She genuinely cares that you learn how to dance and she doesn’t push competition dancing on you. However if that is what you desire she can take you to that level.– Pat Jostes
Truly the best feet in the business! We could all aspire to have such beautiful footwork! April possesses an exceptional talent, knowing both the lead & follow dance steps. My husband & I love dancing at the studio, and have learned so much from her since starting at Dance 2 Connect in 2009. April is a kind & patient dance instructor willing to teach you all that you want to know!– Cindy & Dennis Murray
I have known April for several years. She has always encouraged me to be the best I can be. A member of USA Dance and I took private lessons with April to help prepare for Senior Games. That really helped us. She also works so well with large groups. Her Friday night dance lessons and parties are so much fun and I get to meet great people. One night I got to her dance and realized I had left my shoes behind. To my surprise, I learned she has loaners in all sizes at the studio. I have never seen that before. Her shoes are affordable and cute too.– Laurel Lemke
Learning to dance can be challenging, but April is a teacher extraordinaire. Her grasp of the technical aspects of dance is superb, but she’s also enthusiastic and encouraging to dancers of all levels. As a bonus, her classes are very fun, and chances are you will end up being good friends with her.– Jude Wood
I have been taking dance classes from April for a year now. Before I went to her, I had little confidence about my west coast swing dance. Now, I can’t wait to go dancing. She is a fantastic teacher, who has a ton of patience! She can explain the dance steps in such simple terms. She pushes for a lot of drills in class so that you feel like you can do the steps in your sleep. She is amazing, and a positive influence on my life! I feel lucky to have her as my dance teacher.– Jeanne Trent
April offers lessons that are both challenging and fun. She takes a personal interest in each student’s skill level and help them advance. I am glad I found her and her beautiful studio.– Nalana Dzivak
April has been my teacher for ten plus years now. I never thought I would learn to dance but her enthusiasm for teaching makes you want to continue to learn more and more. She is very detail oriented and systematic. She begins by teaching you fundamentals and then she begins peeling back the layers like an onion. Dance has become a passion of mine and a very large part of my life. Aprils teaching methods have let me excell above my wildest dreams. Thank you April.– Bill Barber
I have been dancing almost 20 years now, and have taken numerous private and group lessons with April Morrow. In all that time I have never met a dance instructor that was as enthusiastic or as detail oriented. I believe she knows every step of every dance known to man. She knows the Man’s part and the Ladies part as well, including each and every intricate little detail. It is very entertaining and educational to watch her bounce back and forth between the Man’s and the Ladies steps. If you are a beginner you will love her easy step by step method of getting you to dance fast. If you have been dancing for years you will appreciate her help in cleaning up your bad habits (not that I have any:). For anyone who has an interest in dance, young or old, beginner or advanced, I would highly recommend April Morrow and her private dance studio in Milton Washington.– Luke Draper
My teenage kids (son 16 and daughter 13) have been taking dance classes from April steadily since January 2009. They love her simple, step by step method of teaching and have both improved greatly in confidence and coordination. We would highly recommend April and Dance 2 Connect to any parent interested in giving their kids the opportunity to develop and grow personally, physically and socially.– Dale and Sandi Philips
As a couple: April is the best! We have taken many lessons from others and she is by far the best teacher. She is very detailed and easy to understand. She makes it a lot of fun for everyone. As a wedding planner: April has choreographed dances for many of my brides. Everyone loves her! Her first dance routines are always so beautiful and romantic. Whether you want lessons for a specific dance or a choreographed first dance she is the best around.– Heidi
If Country dance is your thing, I highly recommend April Morrow. She teaches the most modern techniques and patterns. None of that old school stuff from years gone by. She is well studied and over qualified for teaching my level. Thank you April for such patience.– Dwight Partin

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