Wedding Dance

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You’ve just said “I do”, and you’re planning your wedding. Now the intensive planning begins. Will the wedding dance be a moment of excitement and joy or one of anxiety?
Just a few hours of preparation can give you the confidence that you need to look good. I will tailor the dance to your song so that you look musical and fluid in front of your family and friends. I am highly passionate about choreographing weddings and have much experience working with couples. Some just wanting the basics while others want a full blown out choreographed dance to really impress their friends and family.

Your Lessons

Most couples take between 5 – 20 lessons to prepare for their wedding dance, but I can give you the basics in as little as 3 if the wedding date is near. It really depends on what you desire for your special day.
I will review your song choice to help you decide the best style of dance to fit the music. If you don’t have a song yet, I can help you choose a style, tempo, and genre to fit your personalities and comfort level. Bring some options and ideas with you to your first lesson if you’re not sure about the music.
It’s ideal to start your lessons at least 2 to 6 months before the wedding, so that you can relax and just have fun without the pressure of a deadline.

No need to be nervous about your big night. A little preparation can go a long way. I will build your confidence and ensure that your first dance is an enjoyable and memorable experience for you and your guests. I will give you the tools you need to feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor and impress your guests on the most important day of your life.


All options consist of private one-on-one instruction.

1-Lesson “Pay as you go” – $75
If your not sure of the time or money you can invest and commit in learning to dance then pay as you go.

5-Lesson “Crash Course” – $325
This package gives you the basics, and gets you on the dance floor feeling comfortable. You’ll probably be limited to a few moves, but you’ll have a nice entrance and exit, and you’ll definitely look like you know what you’re doing.

10-Lesson “Dancing Smoothly at Your Wedding” – $600
This package impresses your family and friends with a few more sophisticated moves, better posture and poise, and overall smoothness of movement.

20-Lesson “Dancing Like a Pro at Your Wedding” – $1,100
This package will really “wow!” your audience with your dance proficiency. Learn several complex patterns with ease and fluidity. We’ll help tailor your moves and movement to the song. You just might be mistaken for a dancing pro! This package also includes one group class for all your wedding attendees and parents.

Individual Private Instruction

If you’d like to take additional lessons after completion of one of the above packages, or if you just feel that you need one or two “brush up” lessons, you can buy individual 60 minute sessions for just $75 per session.

Group Instruction

If you would like your entire wedding party to get dance lessons, we can provide you with group rates and group instruction. Please talk to us about group rates, which may vary depending on the size of the group, and the number of lessons desired.



Jeff and Kelly Chambers

Married: August 08, 2009
Song: Day Before You
Dance: Nite Club 2 Step

We had so much fun learning to dance for our wedding. We did 20 private lessons giving us a full choreographed dance with so many awesome patterns. It’s an activity we plan to continue with in our marriage. The guests at our wedding were amazed by our choreographed dance! Now they want to learn to dance also. Our dance was the finale to a perfect wedding day.

5Eric and Molly Fredrickson

Father and Daughter Dance
(Father Les Becker)
Wedding Date: July 19, 2008
Song: Cinderella
Dance: Waltz

The dance lessons my dad and I took from April Morrow for our “Father Daughter Dance” were excellent! We had so much fun hearing all of April’s choreography ideas and were able to choose the perfect routine for us. I love the way April included Eric into our dance. At the end of our song, the lyrics spoke “…and she’ll be gone” as my dad twirled me off to Eric’s arms who then dipped me. Thanks April for such a memorable dance!

2Andrew & Taila Lund

Married: July 18, 2009
Song: Quando, Quando, Quando
Dance: Rumba

April was a joy to work with; she was a wonderfully patient teacher with an incredible wealth of knowledge and ability.  Through group classes, my wife and I learned the basics of the Foxtrot, Waltz, and the Rumba.  Our lessons in the Rumba would later be used for the first dance at our wedding.  Beginning with little to no dance skills, April brought us along wonderfully.  We felt so relieved to know what to do while we were on the floor dancing.

Thank you so much April!

ChadandAmandaChad and Amanda Curkendall

Married: July 11, 2008
Song: Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen
Dance: East Coast Swing

April was the best instructor Chad and I have ever had. She makes you feel so comfortable right away and breaks things down so even if you have no dance experience it seems really easy. This was a really hard song to choreograph but she did a fantastic job and it was so fun to dance for all our friends and family at our wedding. I would recommend her to all my friends and family. She was such a pleasure to work with and has become a life long friend.

PatPat and Elaine Keavney

35th Wedding Anniversary
March 16, 2008
Song: When You Say Nothing At All
Dance: Nite Club 2 Step

“We felt so comfortable with April. She is always so patient and has a great way of reinforcing learning. By the time we finished the lessons in preparation for our anniversary party, we went on the floor and danced all alone in front of 100 of our friends and family”. The practice and the actual event of our 35th wedding anniversary party were one of the highlights of our lives that we will always remember with a smile”.

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